Socialize your company culture with the team

✓  Program with tailor made method
✓  All program packs with interactive dan innovative method
✓  Not limited to domestic tour

Our Clients

What is Enterprise?

Enterprise is often associated with entrepreneurial ventures. Entrepreneurial ventures can be defined as an organization that prioritize innovation and opportunism to produce economic and social value.

In this context we prioritize social value through several services we provide such as outing, outbond, and family gathering. These services that we provide can strengthen employees’ social value and also employees interpersonal skills. By prioritizing innovation, our programs are flexible to be adjusted in accordance with client’s requirements.

Our Enterprise Services

An outing is a brief outdoor activity intended for the pleasure and refreshments of company workers. Companies usually plan trips for their outing schedule with us be it local destination or international destination we can make it happen.

A program that is held either inside or outside of the office. The activity is usually presented in the form of creative and educational games.

A social event held for company workers to bring their family with the intention of establishing relationships and keeping good relations between employees in company.

Payment Methods

Pay in 2 terms, 50% after deal and 50% before the program start.

Admission Process



 Complete a 5 minute application for us to get to know your background and what services do you want


Initial chat

 Chat with our admission officers over WhatsApp to discuss your application, walkthrough the services and determine together if we are a good fit for each others.


Video call online or offline meeting

 Have a final video call or offline meeting with our Admission Counselor to check that both expectations with what our services is offering


Start your enterprise program

 Pay the payment due before starting and get ready to run the enterprise program