Daniella Amato was a biomedical scientist and reality checker with skills in pharmaceuticals and medical investigation

Daniella Amato was a biomedical scientist and reality checker with skills in pharmaceuticals and medical investigation

Greek labels are loaded with background, customs, and indicating from a location that is recognized for the charm, buildings, products, and traditions. Greek mythology motivates most child names, and so does historical Greece, the birthplace of contemporary democracy, strategy, medicine, the Olympics, and a whole lot.

Popular Greek names particularly Peter, Socrates, and Zeus are stronger and strong, while Aphrodite, Angelina, and Olympia include gorgeous and heavenly. There are so many fantastic names to decide on for the child, whether you want to honor their ancestry or you much like the noises and meaning.

Example by Brianna Gilmartin, Verywell

Naturally, you are doing need to be only a little mindful with Greek child labels. Certain meanings, misconceptions, and stories behind a name are not usually since breathtaking and positive just like you might picture.

For instance, Keres possess an enjoyable noises to they, but it’s in addition a vengeful nature of demise and doom. Or, Pandora implies a gifted and gifted lady, in mythology, she’s the initial mortal girl just who unleashed evil upon the planet. This is exactly why it is always a good idea to create a little research behind the labels on the listing before you make a final decision.

Trendy Greek Kids Names for women

Below are a few of the most extremely prominent and special Greek child names for girls with their definitions, roots, as well as other fascinating info.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Defender and helper of mankind
  • Alternate Spellings & Variations: Alexandera, Alexsandra, Alexandria, Alessandra, Alexa, Aly datingmentor.org/local-hookup/seattle, Allie, Alexis, Lexi
  • Known Namesakes: Actress Alexandra Breckenridge, singer Alexandra Burke
  • Peak Popularity: Alexandra has been fairly popular going back century. It had been a top 100 title for women from 1984 through 2014 reaching a rank of 26 in 1995 and 1996.

Fun Fact: In the world of royalty, Princess Alexandra of Greece may be the girl of Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark.


  • Beginnings: Greek
  • Meaning: Will rise once again or resurrect
  • Choice Spellings & Differences: Annastasia, Anastascia, Anastasha, Ansestasia, Anastaysha, Anastasya
  • Known Namesakes: Businesswoman and Chief Executive Officer Anastasia Soare, singer Annastasia Baker
  • Top Popularity: Anastasia is a classic name that is available for a very long time. This has recently seen an increase in recognition and achieved wide variety 158 in 2020.

Fun Fact: Anastasia Tremaine is among Cinderella’s stepsisters in 1950 Disney traditional movies Cinderella.


  • Beginnings: Greek
  • Meaning: Ruler of man
  • Option Spellings & Modifications: Andromyda, Andromedah
  • Famous Namesakes: Celebrity and television number Andromeda Dunker
  • Peak recognition: Andromeda are exclusive term that is not listed in the best 1,000.

Fun reality: Andromeda was a constellation when you look at the nights air, and in it is the Andromeda universe.


  • Source: Greek
  • Meaning: An angel or a messenger of God
  • Alternate Spellings & Variations: Angelena, Angelyna, Anjelina, Angeline, Angel, Angela, Angie, Angelica,
  • Famous Namesakes: Celebrity Angelina Jolie, fact television star Angelina Pivarnick
  • Peak appeal: Angelina is actually a well-established woman name. It offers maintained constant appeal for well over 100 years. They have its better season in 2005 when it reached amounts 43.

Fun Fact: Angelina is actually a popular tearoom and pastry store in Paris, France.


  • Source: Greek
  • Meaning: Fancy and beauty
  • Alternate Spellings & Variations: Afrodite, Aphrodyte, Aphroditee, Aphroditie
  • Famous Namesakes: Writer and manufacturer Aphrodite Jones
  • Peak appeal: Aphrodite is not that usual. It generally does not appear on the most effective 1,000 directory of ladies names.

Enjoyable reality: Aphrodite is the ancient greek language goddess of fancy and beauty.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Moral and virtuous, or outstanding
  • Approach Spellings & Modifications: Areetha, Arytha, Areta, Aretta, Arethra
  • Known Namesakes: Artist Aretha Franklin, Olympic athlete Aretha Thurmond
  • Top appeal: Aretha was in the most known 1,000 from 1964 to 1974. It actually was best in 1968 with a rank of 397.

Fun truth: “Aretha” may be the identity of a song by Uk performer, Rumer.


  • Beginnings: Greek
  • Meaning: Holy one
  • Approach Spellings & Differences: Arianna, Aryana, Arianah, Aeriana, Arianne, Aryanna, Ari, Aria
  • Known Namesakes: Singer Ariana Grande, journalist and businesswoman Arianna Huffington
  • Peak Popularity: Ariana has become a top 1,000 identity since 1978. They attained number 37 in 2014.

Fun reality: Ariana is actually a brandname of Bulgarian alcohol that Heineken possess.


  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Goddess of conflict and wisdom
  • Alternate Spellings & Variations: Atheena, Athina, Athenna, Athenea
  • Famous Namesakes: Vocalist Athena Ripka, artist Athena Bass
  • Peak Popularity: Athena has become a leading 1,000 name of ladies since 1955. It’s recently getting even more popularity and achieved their finest rate of 106 in 2019.

Fun truth: Athena could be the patron goddess on the capital town of Athens, Greece.


  • Beginnings: Greek
  • Which Means: Triumphant
  • Solution Spellings & Variations: Bernice, Berenise, Bereneice, Burnice, Bernyce, Burnyce, Bernie
  • Known Namesakes: Celebrity Berenice Marlohe, Reverend Bernice King
  • Top Popularity: Berenice ended up being a bit more preferred before 1925 after that became less frequent. They reappeared when you look at the best 1,000 between 1991 and 2003 before falling out in clumps of support once more.

Fun Fact: “Berenice” is the title of a brief tale because of the American author Edgar Allan Poe.


  • Beginning: Greek
  • Meaning: The most beautiful
  • Choice Spellings & Modifications: Callista, Kalista, Kallista, Colista, Calysta, Calissa, Callisto, Callie
  • Known Namesakes: Actress Calista Flockhart, ambassador Callista Gingrich
  • Top recognition: Calista just isn’t as well common, though it had a short remain on the top 1,000 listing between 1998 and 2004.

Fun Fact: Calista could be the term of a beauty salon and day spa using its own make of hair care products and technology.