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PT. Sinergi Penta Esa or called SINTESA, which has been established since July 2002, is a consultant company and have several division. They are recruitment, assessment, training, enterprise, organizational development, and other kind of related assistance.
Conforming to our spirit as synthesizer of inspiration for development of the consultants, management and especially clients who benefit from our meritorious services.
Retained clients and network progress has ascertained SINTESA trustworthiness in rendering the service, beside being self-commited to maintain our reputation in encountering clients’ challenging surrounding, which nowadays, have become more dynamics.
Recruitment & Assessment :
Our Recruitment division have several services:
• Mas Recruitment
• Executive Search
• Head Hunting
• Talent Data Bank
• Recruitment Administration

SINTESA’s training program is also geared towards the clients’ needs in reorienting or developing their employees. In this case, we introduce 2 (two) programs which are directly related to productivity. These are:

Personal Skill.
This program is intended for creating new thinking paradigm, which is adaptable too increasingly competitive global business world. The training material seeks to comprehend personal quality needed in the competitive global business world. i.e: teambuilding, achievement motivation, reorientation training.

Professional Skill.
This program is catered based on our commitment to assist our clients in developing thier human resources in accordance with their job requirements. i.e: salesmanship, leadership, communication, presentation skill, supervisory, negotiation, coaching & counselling, problem solving & decision maing, customer care.
SINTESA develops the training curriculum in a way that it is tailor-made and fits well with the human resources condition as well as the culture of the clients. With this in mind, we guarantee that our training program will satisfy the objectives or targets of our clients.

This service is part of our medium and long therm consulting program for our clients, and is designed to develop the following:
• Company’s regulations
• Competitive payroll system
• Job evaluation system
• Employment benefit plan
• Human resources policy and procedures
• Training and development system
• Organizational restricting

Our Recruitment division have several services:
• Psychological Test/Regular Assessment
• Mass Assessment
• Assessment Plus
• Assessment Center

The growth of training divisions, has expanded our services develop into company outing, convention, seminars, and familiy gathering.
All SINTESA programs are flexible to be adjusted in accordance with clients’ requirement. Most adjustment applied by emphasizing and focusing particular insights, wihch relevant to the challenge that company faced.
Adjustment can also be made in the relation with duration of company permission. Our programs can be split to consecutive avents where by the comapany afford to release their employee to participate in the event.
Our flexibility on adjusting the program are widely open, since universality of the values contained in each program are very relevant to business community and personal development. Therefore, each debrief to gain insights of the topics are very tailor made as per requirement.

SINTESA has effectively been able to render services to the clients in improving their performance since we have the following advantages:

• Our consultant team have extensive experieneces as executives of
  various national/multinational companies, and as previous senior
  consultants in international consulting firm
• SINTESA applies practical approach, provides solution, and has
  strategic impact.
• We offer long-term service and post assignment service
• Our vision fits well with that of our clients-performance and business
• SINTESA is always adapted to the condition, constraints or
  advantages of the clients in terms of time, output, approach as well
  as cost

Representative Partners :
• Aceh
• Bandung
• Denpasar
• Medan
• Palembang
• Pekanbaru
• Semarang
• Solo
• Surabaya
• Yogyakarta

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